Weather in Abashiri
  • Current Conditions : 0.7C, Scattered Clouds - 6:59 AM JST Mar. 18
    Temperature: 0.7°C | Humidity: 58% | Pressure: 1020hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 7.6km/h
    2018/03/18 06:59:00
  • Forecast for Sunday as of Mar. 18 7:00 AM JST
    Chance of a Thunderstorm. High:5 ° C.
    2018/03/17 22:00:00
  • Forecast for Sunday Night as of Mar. 18 7:00 AM JST
    Clear. Low:0 ° C.
    2018/03/17 22:00:00
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Events for January - March

Sightseeing Icebreaker Ms.'Aurora'

Sightseeing Icebreaker Ms.'Aurora'

Breaking ice up to one meter thick,the boat cruises on the frozen Sea of Okhotsk.You can often see white-tailed sea eagles and seals from on board.

Fatbike Adventure

A new sports experience in winter. It is a wonderful activity that you can feel nature which is only here in clear winter. Please enjoy refreshing snow cycling with fat biking while watching the Shiretoko mountain range and drift ice.

Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival?

Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival

Large and small ice sculptures and snow figures add to the excitement during winter in Abashiri. Wide variety of events to enjoy! At night the ice sculptures are lit up in a rainbow of colored lights and turn the area into a world of fantasy; a view that is quite different from daytime.
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Outdoor Coffee Night

Night tour for adults. Experience dripping coffee for yourself in the Abashiri suburbs of the night. When the supreme cup comes in, go out. While watching the starry sky, listening to the sound of the wind, while looking at the candle's flame ... have the best coffee time.

Okhotsk Yatai Mura (Vendor

Okhotsk Cross Country Ski Tour

The tour is held at the "Tent land" which overlooks the Sea of Okhotsk and the Shiretoko Peninsula, so skiers can enjoy blending into the lovely scenery while they walk the 7km course on cross country skis.

Okhotsk Yatai Mura (Vendor's Village)

A long line of vendors set up by many of the restaurants in Abashiri serve local Abashiri specialties at low cost. You can barbecue and eat on the spot too. Come and enjoy Yatai Mura in the middle of winter.

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About Abashiri


Of all the prefectures in Japan, Hokkaido is the northern most prefecture, and Abashiri is located on the eastern side of the island facing the Sea of Okhotsk.
Sitting on latitude 44, it is surrounded by lakes, rivers, mountains; a land rich in nature.
Because Abashiri faces the ocean, there is little difference in temperature and is relatively mild for being on the eastern side of the island.

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